вторник, май 06, 2008

Междуполови отношения, anno 1938

Men are naturally and instinctively interested in and attracted by women, particularly strange women, but they often find them difficult to understand. In fact men have felt in the past and still feel in some obscure way, I suspect, that women, no matter how interesting, are not quite human in the sense and to the degree that this is true of themselves.

Park, Robert E. (1938): Reflections on Communication and Culture. In: American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 54, No. 2, p. 203.

Чикагската школа е голяма работа.

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  1. много интересен цитат. хем ми се иска да се съглася, хем нещо ме смущава. но си го записах :) а чикагската школа наистина са нечовеци.