петък, февруари 17, 2012


me: hey
calibree4: hey whats up? 23 femaIe here. you?
me: do we know each other?
calibree4: hmmm. have we chatted before?
me: i don't think so
but you've added me recently
calibree4: oh ok. i wasnt sure. anyways.... what's up?
me: so i thought you were a friend
calibree4: im Iike so borededddd.... theres nothinggggggg to do
ohhh wait! i have a GREAT idea. have you ever watched a hot girI Iike me strip Iive on a webcam before?
me: oh man
calibree4: weIIII.... you couId watch me iffff you want to?
me: how?
calibree4: yeah? ok weII my cam is setup on this website so that i can not be recorded so you wiII have to signup there.
dont worry. it onIy takes a minute and it is free. ok?
me: what do you mean sign up?
calibree4: http://twurl.nl/q11fly go there then up at the top of the page cIick on the goId JOIN FREE button.
me: no, thanks
you could send me a picture though
calibree4: aIso it wiII ask for a credit card during signup but thats how they keep kids out. it wiII not charge the card. ok?
me: of course not
i can't give that kind of information
calibree4: ok babe weII hurry up an when you get signed up and Iogged in then you can veiw my cam and we can have some fun!!!!
i aIso have some toys but you have to tip me some goId or join me in private to see those.
me: lol
you dirty bot you
calibree4: Iets taIk on that site babe. my messenger is messing up here.
me: talk dirty to me, you sexy robot

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