петък, януари 22, 2010


Park was a colorful man, even in appearance. Leading a sedentary life while at the university, he developed a thickset and pudgy physique. His white hair was long, perhaps because he forgot to pay regular visits to the barber. Living up to the stereotype of the absent-minded professor, he would sometimes appear before his class with shaving soap in his ears and with his clothes in disarray. He would frequently forget where he had placed a book, and it even happened that he came to a convention forgetting to bring a copy of the paper he was scheduled to read. He once continued serenely with his lecture while a student walked to the front of the room and tied his neckwear which had been dangling loose from his collar.

Coser, Lewis A. (1977): Masters of Sociological Thought. Ideas in Historical and Social Context. Second Edition. New York. p. 370.

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  1. Видях заглавието и реших, че ще чета футболен текст. Или нещо за Кайли Миног... :D